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Welcome to our online platform where we bring together the passion for art and the desire to make a difference. We are a mother-daughter duo dedicated to hosting online charity art shows throughout the year. Our shows feature a carefully curated selection of established and emerging artists from across the country.

Join us for an amazing art experience, where you can not only appreciate the talent and creativity of these incredible artists, but also support various charities with your purchase. Every painting in our show are one-of-a-kind, giving art collectors the opportunity to own unique and meaningful works.  Whether you're a seasoned art collector or just beginning your journey, there is something for everyone. Our shows offer a wide array of mediums and styles.

By supporting our online charity art shows a portion of the proceeds support our artists and charities.  Together, we can bridge the world of art and philanthropy, creating positive change and supporting causes close to our hearts.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey of creativity and compassion. We look forward to sharing the joy of art and the power of giving with you at our upcoming shows

Angeli Coover

New Mexico floral artist

Kari Coover

Colorado Commercial Banker

Donating a Portion of Proceeds to the AdventHealth Avista

At Brush Strokes for Hope, we are committed to making a positive impact in our community and supporting causes that matter. We are thrilled to announce that a portion of our proceeds will be donated to the AdventHealth Avists – a not-profit hospital dedicated to providing the only level III NICU services in the Boulder County and surrounding northern Colorado communities.

Minimum Donation of 10%: We pledge to donate at least 10% of our proceeds to the AdventHealth Avista. This donation will assist the hospital in providing new equipment and technology services to their tiniest patients. 

Additional Donations by Artists: In addition to our minimum donation, many artists who collaborate with us have shown great enthusiasm for supporting the AdventHealth Avista. Some of these talented individuals have generously committed to donating additional funds from their art sales. This collective effort strengthens our impact and amplifies our support to families with babies in need of critical care .

By choosing to support Brush Strokes for Hope, you are not only acquiring unique and high-quality artworks, but also contributing to the AdventHealth Avista's mission to improve the lives of NICU babies. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the community.

Thank you for your unwavering support.

Brush Strokes for Hope

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