Meet The Artists

It's truly inspiring to work with a group of artists who each have their own unique story, level of dedication, medium, and artistic style. It's particularly moving to know that some of our artists have experienced having a NICU baby and and or grandbaby.  They were able to use their art as a way to cope and heal from their experiences. We're proud to represent such a diverse and talented group of individuals who share their art with the world.

Angeli Coover


Ann Guidera-Matey


Cheryl Barill


Denise Vitollo


Dianna Woolley


Dorothy Snowden

Greta Olivas


Holly Rostkowski


Jenny Hull


Kimberly Conrad


Liisa Le


Lisbeth Cort


Lori Colt

Lori Latham


Marsha Nieland


Mary Mirabal


Nancy Delahaye


Nimrat Sandhu


Pat Scarano

Robin Sesan


Vidya Shyamsundar


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